at the Dill House Therapy Group in Eastern North Carolina

How do I know if LifeLine will work for me?

You have to experience it to truly understand the power of The LifeLine Technique®. The practice is based on both philosophy and scientific studies for bridging the gaps between our conscious and subconscious mind. It searches for to the root of every symptom, stress and disease. Until you uncover the subconscious emotional pattern casing the reaction. Then our Professionals can help you awaken your authentic power for transformation and create change – life changing change. The LifeLine Technique® enables a person to activate their subconscious mind and thus have a direct impact on genetic expressions affecting the health of your body and the relationships in your life.  

Am I weak or crazy for seeking help?

Not at all - studies show 80% of people have sought out and benefited from holistic approaches at some point in their life. That’s eight out of every ten people you know. Many, just like you were experiencing something that they just couldn’t sort out on their own. 

What does spirituality have to do with my emotional well being?

Many Americans are becoming interested in the role of spirituality in their health and health care. This may be because of dissatisfaction with the impersonal nature of our current medical system, and the realization that medical science does not have answers to every question about health and wellness. Your spiritual health refers to the health of the relationship between your mind and your soul. The professionals at The LifeLine Center can help you align your body, mind and soul so you can live a happier more fulfilling life.  

Does spiritual healing mean I have to believe in a certain religion, or be religious?

Definitely not, Religion is a specific set of organized beliefs and practices, usually shared by a community or group. Whereas Spirituality is more of an individual practice and has to do with having a sense of peace and purpose. It’s relates to the process of developing beliefs around the meaning of life and connection with others. Spirituality is unique to each individual. Your “spirit” usually refers to the deepest part of you, the part that lets you make meaning of your world. Your spirit provides you with the revealing sense of who you are, why you are here and what your purpose for living is. It is that innermost part of you that allows you to gain strength and hope. It means something different to everyone. For some, it's about participating in organized religion: going to church. For others, it's more personal: Some people get in touch with their spiritual side through private prayer, yoga, meditation, quiet reflection, or even long walks.   

What problems can you help me with?

Overcoming negative behaviors, Improving self-awareness, Improving self-knowledge, Improving healthy personal relationships, Developing emotional strength, Spiritual development, Identifying and improving personal potential, Building employability, Enhancing lifestyle, Quality of life, Fulfilling aspirations, Defining and executing personal development plans and Improving social abilities. 

What is the Human Design and Gene Keys?

The LifeLine Technique + Human Design + Gene Keys

The Human Design System is a synthesis of four wisdom traditions (esoteric sciences) with our modern understanding of quantum physics and DNA:• Eastern & Western Astrology• The Chinese I Ching• The Hindu Chakra System• The Judaic Mystical Tradition of the Kabbalah • Neutrino Stream/Quantum Physics/DNA

Nikki's sessions combine The LifeLine Technique with knowledge of each person's Human Design. Nikki integrates a person’s unique DNA expression as well as enhancing intention with following The Gene Key protocol of Human Design. Living the LifeLine is living in the most powerful intention possible. Identifying your unique strategy to heighten your intention is the primary goal of utilizing Human Design and the Gene Keys.